Street Address: Mater Misericordiae Hospital,
21-37 Fulham Road, PIMLICO Q 4812
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1417, Thuringowa Central, 4817
Phone: 07 4727 4097 Fax: 07 4727 4099


One man's personal desire to "make a difference" grows and gathers strength.Links continue to be forged not only in Australia but throughout the world.


Professor Rane also grows the HOTTEST CHILLIES in the world called Naga Jalokha and Bhoot Jalokha and ALPHONSO mangoes in his farm. To know more visit


Alphonso Mangoes:
Prof. Rane also grows one of the finest varieties of mangoes in the world on his farm. These species has been imported from Ratnagiri, India and is considered as the king of all mangoes- the Alphonso Mango.

Prof. Rane travels to India to train and teach doctors and also help poor and destitute women with genital prolapse and fistulae. He has managed to get the help of doctors worldwdie to participate in this truly noble initiative and travel with him at their own cost to help such women. Doctors from Australia, Europe and USA take part in this every year.