Street Address: Mater Misericordiae Hospital,
21-37 Fulham Road, PIMLICO Q 4812
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1417, Thuringowa Central, 4817
Phone: 07 4727 4097 Fax: 07 4727 4099


All consultations are done after obtaining a referral from your General Practitioner.  Patients are either seen in the PELVIC HEALTH CLINIC for a consultation and a 3D ultrasound scan or are directly booked in for a consultation and URODYNAMICS to save time since people in North Queensland travel long distances to come and see Professor Rane.  These decisions can only be made on the basis of the referrals sent from the GP. 

Private patients are seen at the Mater Hospital Pelvic Health Clinic or in Urodynamics and public patients are seen in the Urogynaecology clinic or Urodynamics at the Townsville Hospital. 

Pelvic Health Clinic

This is a purpose built clinic which involves multidisciplinary input to the patient attending this clinic.  Patients are sent an 8 page questionnaire to be filled in their own comfort at their home in their own time.  These forms help Professor Rane to decide how severe the patients’ condition is and what in particular they will need treatment for.  The patient can always contact the office staff if they have difficulty completing the questionnaire.  The patient will also be asked to do a pad test which is also very important if they are suffering from bladder incontinence.  The Pelvic Health Clinic includes interviewing by nurse educators and then a consultation with Professor Rane.


Urodynamics means the study of pressure and flow in the bladder and the tube through which you pass urine, the urethra.  At this clinic you will first be seen by a member of the Urogynaecology nursing team who will explain the procedure to you.  Once this is done you will meet with the Urogynaecology team and have your bladder testing done followed by a personal consultation with Professor Rane.