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Currently Professor Rane's unit is famous for its minimally invasive approach to vaginal reconstructive surgery and this includes using numerous needle-driven Graft Replacement Surgery which includes –
Transobturator sub-urethral sling and the Transobturator cystocoele repair kit called the Perigee and the Transperineal enterocoele repair kit. 

The Perigee is an invention totally designed and made in Townsville and Professor Rane has the longest followed up patients for Perigee in the world. We also specialize in the treatment of interstitial cystitis using unique innovative techniques like Botox injection or cortico steroid and local injection combinations.  We also use collagen in reconstructive surgery for trans-urethral bulking and other operations.  Plastic repairs of the vagina are also performed quite regularly by this unit provided there is a place for it.

There are numerous types of prolapse and a summary of which is included below.

A genital prolapse has an impact on bowel, bladder and sexual function.  It is therefore very important that the patient answers all the questions on the questionnaire so that these issues can be specifically dealt with. Many women find these questions embarrassing hence answering them confidentially on the questionnaire is a far easier way of addressing these issues. 

Our clinic also specializes in reconstructive vaginal surgery to make the vagina more sexually functional and you the patient is encouraged to discuss these issues when you come to see us in the Pelvic Health Clinic. 

Conservative Therapy for Urinary Incontinence

There is no miracle cure for urinary incontinence but we know with perseverance and persistence 60 to 70 percent of women will be cured or much better managed with conservative management.  With this in mind the 16 week conservative therapy programme was initiated and is of great benefit to all women.  The 16 week conservative therapy programme consists of pelvic muscle exercises, bladder retraining and voiding posture.  In the unit we have detailed exercise sheets on these 3 measures which not only cover these areas but give helpful hints on how to incorporate them into your everyday life and how to tailor them to your specific needs.  Along with this the Pelvic Health Unit is involved in the Beat the Bladder Blues programme in that it is based on our research and teachings and conducted by our staff.  These education sessions are held on a monthly basis, usually the first Tuesday of every month for 1 hour at a time.  We also have numerous female children referred to us who benefit from our research in voiding posture.