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The Perfect Pee

The Perfect Pee
Sitting on the toilet to empty our bladder is something we do without giving it any thought. Well, through recent research it has been shown that it is something we should give some thought to, as there is a correct way to sit. 

1. Sit comfortably on the toilet seat. 

2. Feet flat on the floor, if your feet do not reach a foot stool is needed. 

3. Lean forwards with your elbow on your knees. 

By sitting this way it empties the bladder more efficiently and lowers the residual (amount left in the bladder). Hovering or kangarooing the toilet seat has been shown to inhibit the bladder emptying and to empty as little as 1/3 of the volume. 

Double voiding
When you feel that you have finished, do not hop up, sit up straight, lean back and count to 10 then lean forward again and you may find you empty out a little more urine.